Once upon a time captain hook x reader

Pairing: killian jones x reader fandom: ouat warnings: / summary: “quit flirting” - “i didn't mean to-” (x) a/n: okay, listen, i never meant to write for ouat, even though i always toyed around with the idea but writing this piece made me realize just how much i miss killian fucking jones, so thank you angel. Find and follow posts tagged captain hook x reader on tumblr. Because of your father - (killian jones x reader) if we asked gold what could happen to him worse, he probably would respond today that his only daughter falls for a pirate indeed, hook had a charm that had you at once more yet you know that the different opposing your father and the beautiful pirate, but you could not. 1 - 20 of 25 works in captain hook | killian jones/you request: heya :) could you please do a hook x reader where hook and the reader grew up together as close friends, but now he is always teasing or harsh with the reader because he is jealous because she a group of fairy tale or once upon a time (tv) one-shots.

Killian jones imagine- jealous ps these gifs are not mine none of the gifs are all rights go to the original owner ever since the whole neverland debacle happened hook has been on edge one of. Find and follow posts tagged killian jones x reader on tumblr. Always (captain hook x reader) you stayed still hook spent all his time with emma now, why would he bother saving your ass for the thousandth time tags: captain hook captain hook imagine one-shot once upon a. (captain hook x reader) hooked on christmas you were a now it was christmas time on the jolly roger, and you were doing some.

Home pairing: killian jones x reader (not really) prompt: home from beauty and the beast (requested by anon) warning: angst more angst killian being a dick a/n: first requested prompt from my. Pirates of the caribbean and once upon a time crossover fanfiction archive with over 10 stories come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the pirates of the caribbean and once upon a time universe. A/n: (potential spoilers for once upon a time, seasons 2 and 3 i strongly advise you to read at gotten through thes neal cassidy x reader - a complicated history “i could ask you the same thing, you little--” you shoved neal behind you, pointing the sword at hook once more “start talking who are.

“maybe i'm just a better captain,” you suggested teasingly killian jones imagine killian jones captain hook killian jones x reader captain hook imagines ouat a moment passed before he spoke once more this time to your killian jones x reader killian jones imagine killian jones once upon a time. (name) (full name) it seems forever ago that we met: a brief lapse in time that made all the difference in the world one moment, lass that completely defined us that made us both want for more i was intrigued and you were shy, but it didn't matter for we knew, even then oh yes, lass, we knew. You stayed still, knowing very well that struggling won't be of any use maleficent had you tied up inside the cabin and was using every mean poss always ( captain hook x reader.

Once upon a time captain hook x reader

Title: a pirates whore pairing: captain hook x femalereader word count: ~2k warnings: angst, h/c, low self-esteem, people are hypocritical assholes sometimes, maybe language request: so i have a captain hook request if that's okay where like the reader gets accused of using him for his wealth and power.

He told you in his pirate voice, you couldn't understand him from time to time, but you just nodded as he threw a bowl of porridge and a wooden cup of water hook as in, captain hook a pirate peter asked, and you nodded slowly he let go of your arm, and hugged you you were surprised at first, but. A patient man killian jones x reader, fluff/angst summary: villains never get happy endings, right originally posted by captainswan-hooked he was your weakness and strength all at once, the end to you and the beginning to real happiness he was pretty good at keeping his word, most of the time.

This is really stupid but i've kind of always wanted to do something like this i'm probably going to delete it anyways because it's kinda stupid, so yeah this is a once upon a time thing, which is a tv show about fairy tale characters and the guy that plays captain hook is suuuppper hot captain hook once reader time. Disclaimer: i don't own the character killian jones he belongs to the makers of the show once upon a time jane walked into the gallery throu daring [killian jones x oc] unexpected encounters. Killian jones x reader - compensation title compensation pairing killian jones/ hook x reader fandom once upon a time summary request: she gets kidnapped by pan warning smut blog you were captain hook's first mate, so you had gone with him on his trip to neverland you didn't think it was.

Once upon a time captain hook x reader
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